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For a reservation, please fill out the form bellow. For a reservation in less than 48 hours, please call 418-641-6242 or 1 844-641- 6242 (call free). After sending the form, you will get a reception notice by e-mail. An agent will contact you within 48 hours to determinate the date and time of your reservation.

IMPORTANT: The reception notice is not a reservation confirmation. An agent will contact you in order to confirm your reservation.

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3. Number of participants

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  • It is required to reserve. We also recommend to reserve ahead of time, especially during busy days such as weekends and holidays.
  • Payment methods accepted: Visa, MasterCard, debit and cash.



It is the participant’s responsibility to arrive at least 30 minutes before the departure time set at reservation.

Weather Conditions
  • Before the activity, the decision to cancel the activity is up to the site administration. If you have any doubts, contact us.
  • During the activity, the decision to stop the activity is up to the coordinator. If necessary, an evacuation procedure will be put in place.
  • You will be refunded, partially or totally according to the number of courses you have completed if the activity is interrupted.



It is impossible to get off of the courses and come back later to finish the activity (ex: to eat or go to the washroom). It is recommended to bring a snack and to go to the washroom prior to the departure. At the Chauveau soccer complex, you will find washrooms, a snack bar and vending machines.

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June 16th to September 2nd 2018 7 days a week

May 10th to June 15th 2018 and September 3rd to October 7 2018
Groups: 7 days a week
Individuals: Weekend

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