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Junior* and adult courses including seven zip lines

The junior/adult activity includes three courses of progressive difficulty, culminating in seven zip lines course for a total of 50 obstacles. The courses begin with simple obstacles to help you familiarize yourself with the high ropes course. As you continue, the obstacles become more difficult, allowing you to push and surpass your limits! There is a difficult loop in the three first course for those who want a further challenge. Don’t worry, there are ladders between the courses to allow you to come back down to the ground if need be.

Minimum height: 140cm

Maximum weight:  250 lbs (113 kg)

*Teenagers must be accompanied by an adult (18 years and up). The adult can decide to do the courses or not.

Children courses (5 years old and +)

Children’s activity includes two aerial courses for a total of 15 obstacles. Safety is assured by a continuous lifeline that does not necessitate the hooking and unhooking of carabiners. These two high ropes courses will allow children to explore the challenges of a treetop adventure park. Parents will be able to watch and cheer for their children from the ground.

Minimum height: 110cm

Maximum weight:  155 lbs (70 kg)

Idée activités été plein-air nature-aventure à Québec Sarbaya

1m40 and up

Undergrowth Path

The obstacles of this course will challenge your equilibrium, especially if you do the difficult loop with the giant slackline!

Ce que j’ai aimé le plus, c’est le tunnel de corde qui monte et qui descend, c’est vraiment ingénieux! C’est le fun!

Pierre Laurin, 58 ans

C’est le fun entre amis, c’est parfait. C’est un super parcours. On a vraiment beaucoup aimé! C’était chouette!

Chloë Mingot, 24 ans

Passage Peak

In this course, you will get the chance to test your agility and rapidity by crossing of numerous suspended bridges. The difficult loop will surprise you with unique types of air transportation such as the flying bicycle and hovering kayak.

Zenith Way

You will be challenged physically in this particularly difficult course. You must be at ease with heights and be strong to go through the obstacles. They will put you in different situations! In the difficult loop, the zip line with a handle bar will give you a bit of rest, before coming up against the hardest obstacles.

J’ai aimé ça! Ce n’était pas trop difficile, mais en même temps ce n’était pas non plus facile. Je n’ai pas non plus eu peur des hauteurs, je me sentais juste bien.

Raphaël Paradis, 15 ans

The River Crossing

The last course is the culminating moment of the adventure: you will fly down seven zip lines, four of which go directly over the Saint-Charles River. They’re your reward after all your effort! Three of the zip lines are more than 100 meters long. This course is still tough physically since some climbing nets are placed between the zip lines. Make sure to keep up your stamina in order to overcome the last obstacles of this spectacular course.

less than 1m40

The Audacious Woodpecker

In this course, children will test their equilibrium and their courage. They will gain confidence by zipping down the short zip line which is several meters in the air!

The Courageous Flying Squirrel

In this course, children will test their equilibrium and their courage. They will gain confidence by zipping down the short zip line which is several meters in the air!

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